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Analysis, Inc. has specialized diagnostic equipment to aid in the testing and evaluation of system issues. The Brake Analyst (BA) and the Brake Application Pressure Tester (BAPT) are pieces of equipment devised and patented by Phil Smith. The BA is capable of measuring five (5) pairs of brake stroke lengths electronically vs. measuring them manually one at a time. This device alleviates the errors of reading the manual scales in confined areas while saving time. The BAPT is a portable device for verifying application pressure during brake testing. Many times vehicles are tested at improper low brake applications and may appear to be “in service”, but when tested with the BAPT at the proper brake application pressures, the results reflect the units are in fact “out of service.”  Another diagnostic tool offered by Analysis, Inc. is the Brake Dynamometer.  This piece of equipment takes the guess work out of brake system analysis, improves safety and checks tractor and trailer brake balance.  Each wheel is measured for rolling resistance, brake threshold pressures, service brake force, parking brake force and ABS/ATC operation.

Brake Analyst
Brake Application
Pressure Tester

Brake Dynamometer

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