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Automobile Expert Witnesses

Our Experienced Legal Consultants, Automobile and Truck Experts are Available and Ready to Answer Your Questions

Our experienced automotive analysts have experience not only with
huge over-the-road trucks, but passenger cars, minivans, suv’s, light
trucks, sedans, virtually any type of automobile you can imagine. We
work with plaintiff or defense attorneys to sort out the facts in any
case involving motor vehicles.

Although Analysis, Inc. offers expert advice and testimony in a wide
range of fields, we are particularly experienced in the truck and
automobile industries. Among the areas where we can help you are the

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Air brake system design and maintenance
  • Construction equipment, operation, maintenance and safety
  • Construction site operations
  • Courtroom display models
  • Depositions
  • DOT inspections
  • Driver qualifications
  • Driver responsibilities
  • Driver’s actions/reactions
  • Electronic Control Module (BLACK BOX or ECM) downloading/analysis

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