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Electronic Control Modules
Analysis, Inc. are consultants to the legal industry for truck and automobile incidents, accident reconstruction, expert testimony, electronic control module analysis, and related
Electronic Control Module Basics
A microprocessor that determines the beginning and end of each injection cycle on every cylinder. The ECM determines both fuel metering and injection timing in response to such parameters as engine crankshaft position and rpm, engine coolant and intake air temperature, and absolute intake air boost pressure.

Truck Air Brake Basics
Analysis, Inc. provides basic information regarding truck air brakes.

Computer Based Automotive Test Systems
Analysis, Inc. consultant, Phil Smith co-published, “A Prototype Computer Based Test System to Test Commercial Vehicle Air Brake Systems: Application and Test Results.”

Reference Materials
We at Analysis, Inc. have made a variety of reference materials available to the general public on our site. So feel free to bookmark us for future reference.

Cummins ECM Report
Report of capabilities regarding the Cummins Engine Company ECM.

Road Speed Calculator
How fast will it go? Enter your data into the Road Speed Calculator to get the maximum road speed for any vehicle.

Glossary of Terms
Analysis, Inc. has compiled a useful glossary of terms pertaining to the trucking and automotive industry. Feel free to Bookmark us for future reference.
Our Experts
Phil Smith, Truck Expert
President of Analysis, Inc. and Testifying ASE Certified Master Technician and truck driving expert.

Daniel Gray, Firearms Expert
Analysis, Inc. consultant, Firearm specialist. Daniel Grey provides firearm history, ammunition and ballistic specifications, ammunition reloading, optics and valuation of rifles, handguns and shotguns.

John A. Koziol, Accident Reconstructionist
John Koziol is an ACTAR Accredited Senior Accident Reconstructionist with a police and forensic investigations background. He has investigated traffic accidents for over 23 years. He has lead investigations in over 7,200 crashes and reconstructed approximately 550 events to date.

Rex Smith, Driving Specialist
Analysis, Inc. consultant, Driving specialist. Rex Smith provides expertise on driving related issues with over 2 million miles of experience.

Rodney E. Ellis, Factory Trained Technician
Analysis, Inc. consultant, Factory Trained Technician. Rodney Ellis provides expert opinions regarding commercial motor vehicles and heavy equipment.
Automobile Expert Witnesses
Our experienced automotive analysts have experience not only with huge over-the-road trucks, but passenger cars, minivans, suv’s, light trucks, sedans, virtually any type of automobile you can imagine. We work with plaintiff or defense attorneys to sort out the facts in any case involving motor vehicles.

Courtroom Display Models
Analysis, Inc. has developed numerous working models that are used in a courtroom setting for demonstrative purposes.
FMCSR – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
The purpose of the FMCSR is to “help reduce or prevent truck and bus accidents, fatalities and injuries by requiring drivers to have a single commercial motor vehicle driver’s license and by disqualifying drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles in an unsafe manner.”

Truck Expert Services
Analysis, Inc. has specialized diagnostic equipment to aid in the testing and evaluation of system issues.

Analysis, Inc. Experts on Staff
Analysis, Inc. provides experts to support counsel in diverse fields.

Legal Consulting and Expert Witness Services
Analysis Inc. provides a description of the professional services we offer.

Automobile and Truck Experts and Analysists
Analysis Inc. are consultants to the legal industry for truck and automobile incidents, accident reconstruction, expert testimony, electronic control module analysis, and related

Truck Expert Services, ABS Systems
Information regarding the Brake Application Pressure Tester and related issues.

Dynamometer Testing Services
Analysis Inc. provides information pertaining to Brake Dynanometers.

Litigation Support, Expert Witness Services
Litigation Support from Analysis, inc. and related services.

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