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Computer Based Test Systems

In 1999, Phil Smith co-published, “A Prototype Computer Based Test System to Test Commercial Vehicle Air Brake Systems: Application and Test Results.” 1999-01-3782

As a brief introduction, “this paper describes a practical and efficient approach for determining complete transient, as well as steady state response of tractor-trailer air brake systems by recording pushrod displacement and air brake service line pressure as a function to time. The test hardware utilizes easy to fabricate “clip on”  transducers to measure pushrod stroke length. Data acquisition is via LABVIEW®. All transducers are easy to temporarily affix to any tractor-trailer and require no alteration to the vehicle. A complete system check takes less time than manually measuring pushrod stroke as required under FMCSA. This system with one treadle application and release gives digital timing and displacement history of all brakes.  Useful information includes: application and release profiles (pushrod velocity), shoe compliance upon seating and crack pressure release points for both tractor and trailer relay valves. The authors believe this testing protocol will be useful to Fleet Managers and Maintenance Personnel, Law Enforcement specializing in Commercial Vehicle Inspection and Accident Investigators who need information on brake system performance.”

For more information, please contact the Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. (SAE).

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